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Hayhut Covered Hay Feeder

Available for Sale - $1061.99 (plus HST)

Delivery or Shiping available

                                Due to Covid 19 we are no longer stocking Hayhuts. We can order them in for you it takes 5-7 days.  


hayhut2The Hayhut is a durable covered hay feeder. Made of polyethylene it cannot rust and does not require maintenance.

With dimensions of 84” deep X 72” wide X 76” high, the Hayhut can accommodate the largest of round bales, up to 20 conventional square bales and the majority of large square bales.

By using large bales, the Hayhut reduces your cost of hay, labour costs and helps to relieve stress in your horses.

There's a 9% hay waste with the Hayhut* compared to Tombstone and Ring feeders at 19% or no feeder at 57% waste.  If your feeding just 2 standard square bales a day, that equates to saving $2102.40 a year!  (Estimating hay cost at $6 a square)  The hayhut pays for itself in half a year!


*Study done by University of Minnesota.





 Quail Egg Scissor

Available for Sale - $7.25 (plus HST)

Shiping available


These are a MUST HAVE for every kitchen if you are a consumer of the healthy Quail Eggs. Simply insert the narrower end of the quail egg up thru the hole and use the oither side to clip the top right off and pour the egg into your bowl or pan. We’ve all experienced the difficulty that quail eggs can present when trying to crack them with that tough membrane. These Quail Egg Scissors will be a great investment fo rthe kitchen. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.